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This all natural supplement is scientifically proven to improve your horse's feet including
 laminitis while helping skin conditions and boosting immune systems.
Does your horse have poor quality feet or suffer from laminitis? Does he have skin issues due to insect bites or fungus? What about anhidrosis?* Are you concerned about your horse's immune system? Would you love your horse's coat to shine like the one above (a 4 y.o. Warmblood mare on the minerals)?
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Animal Trace Minerals (previously known as PowerHorse minerals) was founded by veterinarian and equine chiropractor Dr. Carlos Cortelezzi. When he first learned about the power of these minerals, he put them to the test and eventually earned a patent for the product. Click here to learn how the minerals work.

                                      Linda in Florida sent in this note: "Just wanted to share this picture
                                      of Fancy with you. Her winter coat shed out beautifully this year 
                                      and I think she looks fabulous (I may be a tad prejudiced). Our 
                                      farrier says she has the best feet on the farm. I am a very satisfied 

Christine in Wisconson recently wrote: "My one mare had some strange sore/skin condition on her poll. I tried several creams and ointments which did nothing to help and actually seemed to make it worse. I can honestly say within 14 days of being on your minerals it completely cleared up. Without a doubt the minerals are the reason for ALL THE GOOD I AM NOW SEEING IN MY HORSES. I have owned Trakehners for over 20 years and am a small breeder. I have tried other chelated minerals and yours are THE BEST!!! And this is the best their coats have ever looked, plus they also like it... I'm so IN LOVE WITH THESE MINERALS!!"

One of our Vermont clients
sent in these photos of a 
terrible quarter crack that
eventually healed thanks to 
Animal Trace Minerals and a
good blacksmith. Thanks, Jane,
for sharing!

"I’ve now had my two horses and mini on these minerals for almost three years! My horses’ feet, coats and general health are much improved. My mini had foundered and this
has been a great preventative to keep the laminitis from returning. And a year ago I switched to the whole food diet and these minerals are a vital part of that as well. I highly recommend them."  --Susan in Florida

Please give us a call if you have any questions or would like to place an order over the phone. You may also purchase your minerals onlineSatisfaction is 100% guaranteed, or else we'll buy back any portion of the minerals that you don't use!

* A word about anhidrosis. We have had a lot of success recommending a holistic diet with our minerals.  Most horses sweat (well over 60%) within 5 to 21 days. We will not guarantee your horse will sweat like other products claim; but our track record is very good. We have a presentation we've put together on Anhidrosis downloadable here. For a copy of the holistic diet, click here.

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