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                    Scientifically proven to improve your horse's feet including laminitis
                                 while helping skin conditions and boosting immune systems.
​Does your horse have poor quality feet or suffer from laminitis? Does he have skin issues due to insect bites or fungus? Are you concerned about your horse's immune system? 
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Animal Trace Minerals has been the answer to these chronic conditions since its introduction to the horse industry in 2004. At Proven Equine, we only sell products that we have used extensively on our own farm. We've used these chelated trace minerals now for over ten years for half a dozen horses who suffered from one or more of the above conditions, and all we can say is that they work!!

Animal Trace Minerals (previously known as PowerHorse minerals) was founded by veterinarian and equine chiropractor Dr. Carlos Cortelezzi. When he first learned about the power of these minerals, he put them to the test and eventually earned a patent for the product. Click here to learn how the minerals work.

Nancy of Altoona, Florida states, "For 8 years my blacksmith and I have been trying to get rid of the same two cracks in my mare's front feet. After using Animal Trace Minerals for less than three months, the cracks have completely disappeared and we can see excellent new growth in her hooves. My blacksmith can't believe the results. She's also going better than ever under saddle since I believe her feet feel better now.  Thank you for introducing me to such a great product!"

On Sep. 19, 2016, one of our 
Vermont clients sent in these
photos of a terrible quarter crack
that has now healed thanks to 
Animal Trace Minerals and a
good blacksmith. Thanks, Jane,
for sharing!

Please give us a call if you have any questions or would like to place an order over the phone. You may also purchase your minerals online.  Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed, or else we'll buy back any portion of the minerals that you don't use!

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